Lakewood Ranch Medical Center Achieves National Certification as a Gluten-Free Food Service Facility

Monday, November 15, 2021
Bakery owner smiling while wearing a mask

Lakewood Ranch Medical Center (LWRMC) has achieved its certification as a Gluten-Free Food Service program from the nonprofit Gluten Intolerance Group’s (GIG) Gluten-Free Food Service (GFFS), an industry leader in the validation of gluten-free food services.

LWRMC is one of only nine hospitals in the country to join the roster of Validated Gluten Free Safe Spots. The designation indicates that LWRMC has met the highest standards and expectations for safety. GFFS validates participating establishments, from restaurants and college dining to senior living and hospitals, by conducting on-site visits to ensure the entity is following best practices for gluten-free food safety and providing high-quality staff training.

Validation as a Gluten-Free Safety Spot establishes trust with gluten-free patrons as a facility able to offer safe gluten-free food. “It is important to recognize the dietary requirements of our inpatients who have celiac disease or who have chosen a gluten-free diet,” says Jayson Kupferman, Dietary Director. “We are pleased to offer our patients the option to request gluten-free foods and are proud to have achieved this designation.”

The Gluten-Free Food Service validation program (GFFS) is a program of the Gluten Intolerance Group (GIG), a nonprofit that has been serving the needs of the gluten-free community for more than 45 years. Their programs are recognized as a symbol of trust for the gluten-free community. GIG is on a mission to make life easier for everyone living gluten-free and LWRMC is proud to be part of this program.

GFFS has held its food service establishments to the highest standards and consumers recognize locations validated as Gluten-Free Safe Spots as those which serve gluten-free food that meets the nonprofit GFFS’s rigorous standards and expectations for safety.