A Routine Check-up Leads to a Surprising Find

Patient Story: John Jerrehian

“Thanks to Dr. Okuhara and Lakewood Ranch Medical Center, I am Back to My Active Lifestyle!” — John Jerrehian

To look at John Jerrehian, 55, you'd probably guess that he is a pretty healthy guy. He works out regularly, scuba dives and follows a nutritious diet. But when John saw his primary care doctor in July 2015 for a routine physical, he got the shock of his life. "They did an EKG on me, and at first, they thought the equipment malfunctioned. But then they ran it again, and the results showed it was very likely I had a heart attack," says John.

He told his doctor about a rare episode with severe indigestion in June 2014. After taking antacids for several hours, it eventually passed, and he gave it no
thought after that. But now, it was all making sense.

John was referred to Jason Okuhara, DO, at Lakewood Ranch Cardiology, who specializes in invasive and noninvasive cardiology and is board certified in cardiology, interventional cardiology, internal medicine and echocardiography.

Dr. Okuhara performed a nuclear stress test and a cardiac catheterization, and discovered an artery with a 99 percent blockage. “If it was just a matter of the EKG, that is one thing, but when John told me what happened during his business trip, I thought it was worth further investigation,” says Dr. Okuhara.

“Dr. Okuhara inserted a stent and the problem was fixed. I couldn’t be more grateful — he was very empathetic, a true professional,” says John. “I was confident Dr. Okuhara would find an answer. He knew what he was looking for in the tests he was running. I had heard from several people that he is the best, and they were right.”

“I was also impressed with Lakewood Ranch Medical Center. My entire experience from beginning to end was great — the facility, the staff and the doctors. I am so fortunate to live in this area and have access to such great care,” says John.

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