Lainey Johnson Had a Positive Experience Delivering Her First Child at LWRMC

August 2, 2022

Lainey Johnson and her husband were eager to start a family. After several years of trying unsuccessfully, Lainey started IVF treatments; then the pandemic arrived, and her treatments ended. Feeling derailed and defeated, the young professional couple left Chicago and came to Florida to visit family. A few months later, they decided to make Lakewood Ranch their home.

Lainey started IVF treatments in a new clinic and successfully conceived. “We had been preparing for this pregnancy for some time. What was a difficult time in the world actually turned out to be a blessing for us,” she reflected.

During her pregnancy, Lainey was cared for by OB/GYN Jennifer McCullen, MD, at the OB-GYN Women’s Center of Lakewood Ranch. As the pregnancy progressed, Lainey knew where she would deliver her baby.

“Being someone who had lived in the city (Chicago) for quite some time, my expectation was, where I delivered would have the top technological offerings both in equipment and personnel,” explained Lainey. “I also wanted a spa-like environment and felt like the hospital hit on both of those beautifully, along with a warm, hometown feel that permeated and was exceptionally unique. This center was a big factor in our decision to live in Lakewood Ranch,” she said.

Prior to giving birth, Lainey met with Chrissy Coney, RNC, BSN, CLC, the Women’s Center’s Birth Designer, who invited her and her husband to tour the center to discuss the many amenities offered before, during and after delivery.

From the beginning to the end, Lainey said she had a wonderful, concierge-like experience. “I recall one of the nurses, Margarita, giving my husband and me the most heartfelt compliments and saying how great of a dad my husband was already and giving me confidence in my own mothering experience,” she reflected. “She spent so much time with us and even walked us out to the car at the end. Everyone was competent and professional, but also felt like family. To me, that is the most unique factor of this hospital. It combines everything you could want.”

As a first-time mother and new to the area, the hospital’s Little Nippers support group for moms and babies has allowed Lainey to make connections with other new moms, and the staff has been a great resource.

“If you are looking to deliver at a hospital that is going to provide support for you before, during and after giving birth, you don’t have to look any further than Lakewood Ranch Medical Center,” Lainey added. “We are so thankful we found this hospital. If we have a second child, we will certainly be back.”