Lakewood Ranch Medical Center follows an All-Hazards approach to Emergency Management. A Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan prepares the hospital staff to respond to disasters (such as hurricanes), emergencies and planned events by following the National Incident Management System (NIMS). By following the national standards, our hospital is able to communicate and coordinate with all other response agencies in our area.


Lakewood Ranch Medical Center is not a public shelter. Please check Manatee County Emergency Management or Sarasota County Emergency Management for a list of emergency shelters near you.

Disaster Planning

We encourage you to have a personal disaster plan. You can make a free plan at or Manatee County Disaster Guides are available online. Download your copy from the Manatee County Emergency Management page or pick up a printed copy at local libraries. Tampa Bay's official disaster planning guide is also available online.

If you have a special needs dependent, you must pre-register. For Manatee County, click here. For Sarasota County, call 941-865-5000.

Important Community Phone Numbers

  • Emergency: Call 9-1-1
  • Manatee County Government: 941-748-4501
  • Manatee County Department of Health: 941-748-0747
  • Manatee Sheriff’s Office: 941-747-3011
  • Bradenton Police Department: 941-932-9357
  • Manatee County Department of Public Safety: 941-745-3500
  • City of Bradenton: 941-932-9400
  • Sarasota County Government: 941-861-5000
  • Sarasota Sheriff’s Office: 941-861-5800
  • Sarasota Police Department: 941-366-8000
  • City of Sarasota: 941-365-2200
  • Florida Department of Health, Sarasota County: 941-861-2900