Patient Treated for Diverticulitis at ER at Fruitville Shares His Experience

May 9, 2024

It was a Sunday when 63-year-old Robert Smithson of Sarasota, first experienced a twinge of pain or “discomfort” in his stomach. On Monday Smithson still had pain and considered going to the ER but decided to wait. By Tuesday morning, the pain was more intense. Suspecting something might be seriously wrong, he headed with his wife to the ER.

Watch this video to learn why Robert Smithson recommends ER at Fruitville for emergency care.

Welcoming and efficient process

The first thing about the ER at Fruitville that stood out for Smithson (besides abundant parking) was that he was immediately attended to. He also noted how clean the facility was and how professional the staff looked.

“I was welcomed as soon as I entered the ER,” he says. “When I described my symptoms, I was immediately put into an exam room. They took my vitals and told me the doctor would be coming to see me momentarily.”

Smithson underwent a CT scan with contrast to help determine what was causing his pain. When the doctor told him he had diverticulitis, “my wife and I had a sigh of relief,” recalls Smithson. His medications were explained, and he was advised to follow up with his primary care doctor and a GI physician. “After about two hours, we said our goodbyes to the wonderful team at the ER at Fruitville,” he says. 

What Smithson appreciated most from this ER experience was the excellent communication and timely care. From the person who welcomed him, to the nurse, CT tech, physician and billing person, people throughout his stay explained everything to him, making him feel truly comfortable. “The quality of care was second to none,” says Smithson.

Enjoying life once again

Today, Smithson says he feels great, and everything is back to normal. Originally from England, Smithson moved to Florida in 1989, where he started Trinity Graphics. He now has three businesses in the Sarasota area. Smithson lives with his wife on what he describes as “a wonderful compound in Sarasota, surrounded by spectacular Cypress trees.”