Married Couple Share an Approach to Care: Treat Patients Like Family

March 31, 2023

Eden and Samuel Yelverton and their childrenThey were both born and raised in Mississippi, and first met at Mississippi College in Clinton during premedical school. Although Sam Yelverton had a crush on Eden since freshman year, it wasn’t until sophomore year during a cell biology lab that they spoke.

“When I finally got the courage to approach her, the first thing she said to me was that I needed a haircut,” says Dr. Sam Yelverton, Lakewood Ranch Medical Group general surgeon, who at the time had hair down to his shoulders. “I went and got my head shaved that day, and it’s all been history from there.”

Studying together grew into dating and, following their undergraduate studies, they both attended medical school at the University of Mississippi School of Medicine in Jackson. They got married during the second year of medical school. Now, with two children, a boy and a girl, Archer, 2 and Dakota, 5 months, they are calling their new home in the Lakewood Ranch community “paradise.” The couple joined the Lakewood Ranch Medical Group team in January.

“We wanted to be in a beautiful place, close to the beach, where we could plant roots, raise our family and live for the rest of our lives,” says Sam. “This is a multigenerational community, meaning people came here, liked it and stayed here. We have friends who have lived here their entire lives. We’re so happy to be in an active place, where our kids can call home and be around so many outdoor opportunities for both fun and exercise.”

“The people who live here, love it here,” adds Dr. Eden Yelverton, Lakewood Ranch Medical Group obstetrician and gynecologist. “Everyone in this community has been so welcoming.”

Joining the OB/GYN Team: Dr. Eden Yelverton

“I received flowers on my first day of work here. My Lakewood Ranch Medical Group OB/GYN partners and nurse midwife have gone out of their way to get to know me and to make me feel like part of the team,” says Eden. “I feel like part of a family here.

“My patients are like my family, too. The care I recommend for my patients is the same as if I was caring for my mother, sister or friend. Every patient has a story and needs to be heard,” says Eden, who says that she loves women’s health because “it’s like girl talk with surgery,” and these are two of her favorite things.

“It’s my job to listen and to tailor my care to the individual situation of my patient,” she says. “Whether it’s deciding how to prevent pregnancy, achieve pregnancy or maintain a healthy pregnancy, or it’s a patient dealing with chronic pain, excessive bleeding or sexual dysfunction, I am here to talk with them and work through a plan of action for whatever my patient needs.”

The Lakewood Ranch Medical Group Ob/GYN team offers comprehensive care for women during all stages of life and delivers babies at the beautifully appointed, spa-like Women's Center at Lakewood Ranch Medical Center.

Joining the General Surgery Team: Dr. Sam Yelverton

“I knew from my very first interview with the Lakewood Ranch Medical Group general surgery team that I wanted to join them,” says Sam, who specializes in robotic general surgery procedures. “We all may have different roles and titles, but we work together as a team to help our patients.”

Sam grew up enjoying woodworking, fly fishing and building radio-controlled airplanes. He became a surgeon because he wanted to use his love for working with his hands to help others.

“I treat my patients like family. From the very first time a patient steps through our office door, or if I see the patient initially in the emergency room, I’m my patient’s biggest fan and coach,” he says. “My patient-care philosophy is to care for everyone as if they are my wife, my child or other family member. Whether needing major or minor surgery, I want my patients to know that I am here for them throughout the entire process.”

In addition to comprehensive open and minimally invasive laparoscopic procedures, general surgeons at Lakewood Ranch Medical Center perform a variety of robotic procedures, including colorectal, gynecologic and urologic surgery.