Amazing Facility and Doctors Are Among the Best in the Area, Says Patient

May 19, 2023

Shanequa Sherrer and her daughterWhen Shanequa Sherrer learned that she was expecting her third child, she knew that she would deliver at the Women’s Center at Lakewood Ranch Medical Center; she had such a positive experience two years ago when she delivered her second daughter, Kinslee Kai, via C-Section at the hospital.

 “I feel the obstetricians at Lakewood Ranch Medical Center are among the best in the area, and I wanted to receive the same quality care,” says Sherrer.

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Spa-like Amenities

“The facility is amazing,” she says. “The delivery rooms are spacious enough for both me and my husband to be comfortable.”

The Women’s Center at Lakewood Ranch Medical Center offers comfort amenities designed just for maternity patients, including spacious and private maternity suites, wireless fetal monitors, controlled lighting, aromatherapy, infused water options and relaxation music.

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Quality Care

With two previous C-sections, Sherrer knew that she would be delivering her third child, and only son, Colton, via C-section as well. “Having a C-section makes things easy for me,” she says. “I have a set date, and I get to go into the hospital, go through the process and come home with my baby.”

As she reached her due date for Colton, she describes being impressed with how organized everyone was both at the hospital and her doctor’s office, Lakewood Ranch Medical Group OB/GYN in Lakewood Ranch. “At my last prenatal appointment, the doctor’s office made sure I was registered and that everything would be ready for me once I arrived at the hospital for my scheduled C-section,” she shares.  It proved to be true, since she says that upon arrival to the hospital, “everyone was organized and so nice and helpful.”

Rapid Response

Everything went well with her planned C-section and a healthy baby Colton was born at 8 pounds, 3 ounces. However, as she was recovering afterwards in the hospital, she experienced bleeding.

“The entire team rushed to my room and handled the situation immediately to stop the bleeding. It was a scary experience, but the healthcare team made sure I was comfortable. They were holding my hand and kept me calm. I am so thankful for them. By the next day I was able to go home,” says Sherrer.

Compassionate Team

Sherrer shares that something unique happened during her time at the hospital. Two years ago while delivering her daughter, she had a wonderful experience with a maternity nurse named, Margarita, and she hoped to have her again for the delivery of her son. But her husband mentioned that he thought Margarita was getting ready to retire at the time.

“When I got to the hospital’s check-in desk, they said, ‘Margarita is going to take you back to your room.’ I started getting excited like, oh she’s still here. We get back to the room, and I’m like, wait, this is not Margarita. So come to find out, she did retire. But it’s so funny. I was praying. I really wanted Margarita. It’s crazy that I got another nurse with the same name. We thought that was just hilarious. I was really set on it. It was like, okay, you got her, but you got a different one; and she was amazing as well!”

Now that she’s home with her newborn and the rest of the Sherrer family, she finds herself regularly recommending expectant mothers in the area to the Women’s Center at Lakewood Ranch Medical Center. “I just had that happen. A lady was on Facebook, saying she just relocated here. She is pregnant and looking for a hospital. So, I commented on her post and told her that I highly, highly recommend Lakewood Ranch Medical Center. They are great. The staff is great. I shared with her about the very positive experience I just had with my delivery at Lakewood Ranch Medical Center,” says Sherrer.

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