New Renovations Promote Comfort and Personalized Care of Maternity Patients

June 28, 2021

Maternity patients delivering at Lakewood Ranch Medical Center (LWRMC) are cared for in a brand-new environment that offers a “spa-like” feel. The recently completed $3 million renovation project conveys current design trends for labor and delivery spaces, offering the look and feel of an upscale hotel, rather than a traditional clinical setting. Renovations expand the Women’s Center to 14 spacious labor, delivery and postpartum rooms, designed to help mom and baby bond together in one space for their entire stay.

“One of the best features of our new unit is that our patients don’t have to move rooms after the birth of their baby,” says Christine Coney, RNC, BSN, CLC, Birth Designer and Clinical Program Coordinator.

Christine Coney, RNC, BSN, CLC, Birth Designer and Clinical Program Coordinator

Christine Coney, RNC, BSN, CLC,
Birth Designer and Clinical Program
Coordinator, helps new parents create
a plan for their unique birth experience.

Options to hide or disguise clinical aspects of the room are also ideal, post-delivery, to help mom and baby relax as they recover, according to Coney.

“There is overall less ‘clutter’ in the room, allowing a better flow for the clinical team’s working environment, and with the enhancements, the patient sees less of the hospital equipment. Also, options, such as dimmed or mood lighting with LED’s allows us to customize the care of each patient,” Coney adds. 

With new finishes and amenities and added space for extended family as well as upgraded furniture and large televisions, “some patients have joked that they may never want to leave,” Coney laughs.

Daily quiet time each afternoon, and a daily “tea at two,” aromatherapy and infused water options, relaxation music and spacious updated showers are among some of the other niceties for an added comfortable patient experience. Patients also typically have the same nurses throughout their stay, and the familiarity helps them to relax, according to Coney.

“We really get to know our patients during their short stay with us,” she says.

The Enhanced Amenities Complement the Hospital’s Birth Plan Initiative

Lakewood Ranch Medical Center is one of the first hospitals in our area to offer a birth designer program. The overall goal of the birth designer program is patient-centered care and patient empowerment. By offering education and choices, the hospital’s birth designer program “empowers” new parents to plan for a delivery that will help them to welcome their baby into the world in a manner that is most meaningful for them.

“The ability of parents to choose how they would like to welcome their baby into the world allows for a huge shift in the patient experience,” says Coney.  “All births are not the same, and with the empowerment of education and knowledge of the birthing process, many women are taking control of the way they birth their babies.  It is amazing to see it happening,” says Coney.

The Women’s Center provides a variety of options for patients during labor and postpartum to tailor their hospital stay to their needs and values. 

“From birthing balls and aromatherapy to nitrous oxide and birth viewing drapes during Cesarean sections, we have something that will fit into everyone’s idea of the perfect birthday for their baby,” says Coney.

“But what’s most rewarding, for me, as the hospital’s birth designer, is to be able to help ease my patient’s fears about all of the things they are afraid of happening. I want to try to change their mindset from one of fear of the delivery to one of excitement. Each birth is unique, and things don’t always go as expected, but if the patient understands and is prepared ahead of time, they are able to relax through the process a little more.”

“Women always remember the experience of giving birth. They may not remember the name of the nurse who cared for them, but they remember the experience,” says Johanna Pumphrey RN, MBA, Director, Women’s Center.

“Our care team is committed to providing a compassionate and personalized care approach. We offer a high quality, family atmosphere which is safe, and we take the time to understand the care the patient needs, so that together we create a birth plan that will be the safest and most rewarding experience possible,” adds Pumphrey.

Additional Women’s Center Features and Accreditations  

  • Audrey Davis, MD, is the recently appointed medical director of neonatology. She has more than 20 years of experience in neonatal-perinatal medicine. The hospital’s nursery has a neonatologist on staff 24/7.
  • LWRMC is named a Best Maternity Hospital by Newsweek in partnership with the Leapfrog Group
  • LWRMC is recognized as a Blue Distinction Center+ for Maternity Care

Meet the LWRMG-OB/GYN Team

“Finding a mutual interest with each of my patients helps to build trust over time and can offer an easier distraction for the patient during delivery.” — Joel Hallam, DO, FACOG

“Getting to know my patients and their personal wishes is important to me.” — Terrell Martin, MD