Lakewood Ranch Medical Center Launches EASE Application, Transmitting Surgical Patient Updates to Extended Family and Friends

Friday, July 17, 2020

Lakewood Ranch Medical Center has launched Electronic Access to Surgical Events (EASE), a mobile communication app that facilitates updates to families of surgical patients. The app uses HIPAA-compliant video, image and text messages to alleviate communication burdens for families during hospital stays. Known as “Snapchat for hospitals,” EASE messages reach an unlimited number of selected people anywhere in the world interested in the updates as long as they have the app. This provides real-time updates from the operating room to anxious loved ones who couldn’t be at the hospital to support. All messages disappear after 60 seconds and nothing is stored on the mobile device.

Andy Guz, Chief Executive Officer at Lakewood Ranch Medical Center, stated, “EASE frees families by allowing them to receive important updates no matter where they are. Many people who care deeply for the patient simply live too far away or cannot step away from their responsibilities to be at the hospital. EASE helps them feel more connected during a time of need.”

About EASE Applications

EASE Applications is a mobile health technology company transforming patient experience in the hospital. The HIPAA-compliant app is a communication platform for the secure transmission of custom texts, photos and videos from medical professionals to their patients and loved ones. All messages disappear after 60 seconds and nothing is saved to the mobile device. For more information, visit