Lakewood Ranch Medical Center Offering New and Innovative MRI Technology

Tuesday, June 18, 2019
LWRMC New and Innovative MRI Technology

Lakewood Ranch Medical Center (LWRMC) has installed new magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technology as part of its $28.5 million expansion project. The MRI equipment helps reduce stress for patients during their procedure by using immersive video technology that virtually transports them out of the imaging suite to a relaxing environment of their choice. The innovative equipment also provides 50 percent faster scan times1 and 60 percent higher resolution1 and adds Prostate Imaging, Cardiac MRI/MRA and Breast Biopsy Services.

LWRMC also added a low-dose, 80 slice CT Scanner and a brand new suite that provides faster scanning and overall enhanced comfort for the patient. This technology upgrade allows for cardiac scoring and has a higher table weight limit of 600 pounds to make testing accessible to more patients.

“We are very excited to be one of the first facilities in the United States to bring this level of technology to the community," stated Shawn Imoof, LWRMC Director of Imaging Services. "The new MRI system allows most patients to complete their scans in half the time as other conventional MRI systems in the area. LWRMC has consistently been the leader within the region to offer the latest imaging technology while providing the best care to our patients. I invite you to come experience the difference at LWRMC Imaging Services."

Andy Guz, Chief Executive Officer of LWRMC, added, “The hospital’s new MRI, surgical services and many other upgrades are equipping doctors and providers with the tools they need to provide a higher level of care to the community. Technology is an important component of this growth; from innovative MRI equipment, to robotic-assisted surgery and advanced 3D Mammogram screening, efforts are continually underway to improve the patient experience.”

1Compared to Philips scans without Compressed SENSE