Breast Care Navigator is Here to Help

Michelle Lynch - Certified Breast Care Navigator

Certified Breast Care Navigator Michelle Lynch provides professional guidance to patients of the Breast Health Center, working with medical teams to help ensure that patients receive comprehensive medical care and support during the entire breast cancer diagnosis and treatment process. Our navigator provides you with a number of important services, including:

  • Aid in discussion reviewing plan of care with your physician
  • Addressing any issues that might prevent you from keeping your medical appointments
  • Helping you schedule appointments for screenings, tests, follow-up visits and other care recommended by your doctor
  • Connecting you with community and supportive care services
  • Providing information about the healthcare services your physician recommends
  • Keeping track of medical records
  • Encouraging active participation in decision‐making about your care plan and explaining choices
  • Performing genetic testing and following up on eligible patients
  • Serving as point of contact for you and physicians/surgeons
  • Attending follow-up visits and radiation therapy/oncology appointments with some patients as requested, aiding in the smooth continuity of care until point of resolution and beyond